Potter’s Craft Cider for Thanksgiving

November 14, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
220 20th St S
Arlington, VA 22240

This week is Cider Week Virginia and we are happy to have Potter’s Craft Cider behind the Tasting Bar to help us celebrate!

Potter’s Craft Cider is truly the passion of two friends and their growing love of locally made food. They started as college friends at Princeton who landed in North Carolina before moving to Virginia and DC. Gradually, through their moves, they also went from being homebrewers to learning about sustainable agriculture to making their first batch of cider and having their “eureka” moment! Their first 5-gallon batch from 2009 didn’t last long and entering the 2010 harvest season, they were ready for a full season of experimentation! They have been a full production cidery since the 2011 season and are a mainstay on the Virginia cider scene producing authentic farmhouse cider.

Come out and enjoy the bounty that Potter’s Craft Cider has bottled for us to enjoy this Thanksgiving!

The Ciders:

  • Farmhouse Dry: “Pale gold and effervescent with pronounced fruit aroma hinting of peach and melon. Don’t let the heady nose fool you – with no residual sugars, the flavor is crisp, tart, and exceptionally dry. Uniquely refreshing with a crisp finish that pairs well with a variety of foods including pork, duck, wild game, and aged cheeses. Sold in 750mL bottles.” 8.5% ABV
  • Grapefruit Hibiscus: “Pink blush from hibiscus petal infusion complemented by citrus aroma of grapefruit peel. Finish is crisp and tart for a truly refreshing cider! Sold in 500mL bottles.” 9% ABV
  • Raspberries & Brett: “Fermented with 100% Gold Rush apples, raspberries, and Brettanomyces, this lambic-style cider is aged in Laird’s Apple Brandy Barrels and then bottle conditioned. Sold in 375mL bottles.” 9% ABV
  • Ginger & Honey: “This cider highlights the hard work of many of our friends and neighbors. Early season apples from Virginia are fermented with Belgian yeast from RVA Yeast Labs and then bottle conditioned with organic ginger juice from The Juice Laundry and local wildflower honey from Sourwood Farm. The honey ferments in the bottle, leaving a dry cider with a floral nose and the perfect hint of ginger.” 9% ABVpotter's craft cider
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