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This Week at the Shop: The Long Haul, aka Buying Wine for Storage

This Week’s Schedule: Beer Thursday, 5-7p: 3 Stars Brewing Company Wine Friday, 5-7p: A Special Selection with Blair from M. Touton Staff Pick Saturday, 2-6p: Check out Facebook & Twitter for more details! Buying Wine for Storage: Most of us think that keeping a cellar full of wine is an aristocratic throwback or an investment banker’s Read more about This Week at the Shop: The Long Haul, aka Buying Wine for Storage[…]

Featured Producer: Hush Heath Estate

Hush Heath is a 400-acre family owned Tudor estate in the heart of the Garden of England with vast ancient oak woodlands, vineyards, Kentish apple orchards and wildflower meadows. In its heart lies Hush Heath Manor, built in 1503, home to the Balfour-Lynn family. The estate is dedicated to producing England’s finest still and sparkling Read more about Featured Producer: Hush Heath Estate[…]

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What’s the difference? Organic? Natural? Biodynamic? Sustainable?

Here is a quick-and-dirty guide to some of the words and logos that you will see on wine labels at the Crystal City Wine Shop: Organic: The U.S. government regulates use of the term “organic,” and they are labelled according to very specific guidelines. You will see two types of organic wines: those made from certified organically Read more about What’s the difference? Organic? Natural? Biodynamic? Sustainable?[…]

Wine Storage Basics

So, you bought a couple of special bottles and you think you may want to age them?

Before thinking about laying them down in the cellar, it’s useful to remember that most wine is meant to be drunk soon after it is released. […]

Learn about Gamay


Gamay is a purple-colored grape variety that is used to make red wines, sparkling wines, and rose. It is most notable grown in Beaujolais, the Loire Valley, and the Willamette Valley. […]