Bier de Champagne

If we say “the Champagne of Beers,” you probably think Miller High Life! Yet, brewers have been working on newer styles of beer to compete with sparkling wine.

This is a new and very interesting style of beer, these brews were originally conceived by Belgian brewers and are a great top-shelf/special occasion beer. Some varieties of the style are processed like a Champagne with lengthy, labor-intensive secondary fermentations, cave-aging, and dégorgement — where yeast is removed from the conditioned beer. Some are even sent to Champagne for the process!

The result is a beer that is delicate, dry, and very effervescent. They showcase complex fermentation flavors and have amplified alcohol content, generally in the 10-14% ABV range. They presented in 750ml champagne-style corked and caged bottles.

Today, they are being brewed in Belgium and in the United States.